1. What is a camera ?
    1. A camera is a device that captures images


  • Manual- allows cameraman to decide an image’s exposure
  • Shutter- setting for a camera ability to take photos
  • Aperture

3. All compositions

  • pattern
  • texture
  • symmetry
  • asymmetry
  • depth of field

4. elements of exposure triangle

  • iso
  • shutter speed
  • aperture


  • crop tool
  • spot removal
  • red eye
  • graduate filter
  • radial filter
  • adjustment

7. what does histogram do

  • Allows the photographer to see exposure, highs, and lows of images

8. how to rename photo

  • last name then day/month/year, sequence number

9. movie

  • It was unique and in a way adventurous because the camera man went to places that regular people would be scared to go to. It was interesting as well because in an environment that would seem hostile it was truly friendly.

10. photo story

11. artificial vs. natural

  • Artificial light is produced by a light from something like a lamp while natural light comes from the sun.

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